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Choose Epoxy Floors from Flawless Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - October 21st, 2012, 21:32, Category: General

 With the current economic time of uncertainty, practical solutions are best to adopt, whether in business or in domestic situations. When it comes to flooring solutions, epoxy floors from Flawless Flooring should be considered, as they provide excellent quality that also suits your budget.
 Flawless Flooring uses epoxy floor coatings to give ordinary floors a combination of resilience and durability. Flawless Flooring, which has been operating since 1979, boasts extensive experience and expertise in seamless floors, making use of epoxy and uv non-yellowing polyurethane coatings.
 Affordable Quality
 Flawless Flooring’s epoxy flooring is perfect for use in business operations, giving businesses a good opportunity to enhance the look of their interiors without hurting the finances. Seamless floors are widely used in applications such as garages, car showrooms, commercial kitchens, factories, food preparation and for storing heavy machinery, trucks and trolleys.
 The company, which has serviced SE Qld and Northern NSW for over 30 years, not only gives ordinary concrete floors a seamless, shiny finish through its decorative epoxy floor solutions, but it also gives them the durability that is very much desired in floors. This is especially true in commercial and industrial floorings that are subjected to heavy usage and human traffic, which could easily damage ordinary floors.
 The epoxy element gives a perfect hard protection to concrete floors, making them less susceptible to dirt and damage. Flawless Flooring’s epoxy floor coatings are also made to be hygienic, which makes them a perfect recommendation for operations that involve food preparation. Also coving around perimeter of walls can be added for food preparation areas.
 Homeowners and owners and commercial and industrial operations can also benefit from the wide range of styles for epoxy coatings finish. The glossy floor coating may also be added with a non-slip element to provide more traction to the floors and make them safer for children roaming around or even for operators of heavy machinery.
 The Maintenance Advantage
 Businesses and homeowners alike are sure to benefit immensely from the maintenance advantage that Flawless Flooring’s epoxy floors bring. Epoxy coated floors are ideal for garages, which get exposed to chemicals, grease and oils often enough.
 Concrete floors applied with epoxy coatings are highly impervious to grease, oil and other chemicals, so you would not have to worry about tedious cleaning. Epoxy coats provide an excellent protective cover to ordinary concrete floors.
 After diamond grinding the floor to remove contamination due to oil and chemicals, the floor is applied with the epoxy colour of the customer’s choice. With epoxy coats, a simple, light mopping of the floor is enough to eliminate hard-to-remove dirt and chemicals.

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Keeping Industrial Floors Safe

By flooringbrisbane - September 17th, 2012, 23:25, Category: General

Floor safety is a very important consideration in any industrial operation. Negligence in this area could cost the company significant expenses due to slips and falls and other unnecessary accidents. More undesirable, of course, are the injuries that may come about as a result of such accidents. There are actions that can be done to ensure the safety of the personnel in an industrial operation. Among them include using safe flooring systems in the industrial facility. 

One area where safety can be incorporated is in the use of industrial floor coatings on ordinary concrete floors. Seamless epoxy coatings are very ideal to use as floor finishing for industrial operations because of the many benefits they present. Floors are easier to maintain and clean with easy mopping of the surface. The epoxy coating also protects the floor from dirt and stain that can easily come from the machines and equipment that are either stored in the facility or used heavily in the area. 

Because of the shiny appearance of epoxy coats on 
industrial flooring Brisbane, it is always easy to conclude that such floor finishing’s have the tendency to be slippery, and therefore unsafe for most operations. Industrial floors are often prone to accidents because of the use of substances such as grease, oil, toxic and other dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are used a lot in industrial facilities that serve as warehouse or storage for trucks, heavy machinery, forklifts and trolleys. 

To guarantee the safe use of industrial floors, some epoxy coatings can be formulated for effective use in heavy equipment operations. Anti-slip additives are added to the epoxy coating to make sure that they do not become slippery, while remaining shiny and clean. Epoxy coatings applied on industrial floors can be customised in different situations to make them adhere to stringent safety standards set by government agencies. Reliable providers of seamless epoxy floors also make sure that their products do not contain toxic elements that could be dangerous to the health of the personnel in the facility. The ability of the epoxy finish to protect the floors from solvents, chemical and grease adds to the overall cleanliness that makes it extra safer to work in the facility. 

Industrial floors need not only be functional, they also have to be safe for most of the operations going on every day in the facility. Application of seamless epoxy coatings that meet strict safety standards is one effective way of making sure that industrial floors are kept safe the best way possible.

Why Polished Epoxy is Best for Industrial Floors

By flooringbrisbane - September 7th, 2012, 19:42, Category: General

Industrial floors are often subjected to damages presented by heavy duty machines as well as busy traffic in some cases. Because of the heavy usage for such floors, higher standards are set for industrial floors to avoid constant repairs and replacements. Polished epoxy floor provides many advantages over other floor types in terms of durability and maintenance. Polished epoxy is also touted for its hard wearing properties that make them perfect for industrial operations such as factories and storage facilities. 

Epoxy floors benefit from the chemical components in epoxy for that extra hardness to the floor finish. The epoxy mixture is usually composed of a petroleum resin blended with a hardening substance, very similar to the epoxy glue that is used for fixing pipes. When epoxy is used as floor finish, the surface gets added protection from damaging elements such as grease, oil, dust, chemicals and solvents. Polished epoxy is highly resistant to these types of dirt, and whenever the surface gets dirtied, the dirt can easily be removed with an easy sweep of a mop. 

Polished epoxy is well suited for industrial facilities such as food preparation or food factories, storage and showrooms for heavy machineries such as trucks, trolleys and forklifts. It would be good to consult a specialist in epoxy flooring before using 
industrial floor coatings Brisbane so you can be sure to get the best and most appropriate coating for a particular operation. For instance, if the location would most likely be slippery because of the machines being used or the materials being processed there, then a coating with a gripping substance would have to be used to turn it into a non-slip flooring. If the epoxy flooring is to be used for a showroom, it would be good to get a shiny finish for better light reflection, thereby bringing more light into the room. 

For areas such as airport terminals, railway stations or large shopping malls, a finishing with granite effect would be best to use. This type of surface is not recommended for use in heavy duty floors carrying heavy trucks or equipment because they are applied in thin coatings only. For operations that use electronic equipment or computers, the epoxy is mixed with a low static compound to prevent any damage to the chips. In flooring areas that need repair from cracks, mortar epoxy is applied. 

Other types epoxy finishes are designed to fit other industrial applications, so it is best to consult an epoxy flooring specialist first, before starting with the floor finishing project.

Practical Applications of Seamless Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - April 23rd, 2012, 20:48, Category: General

One of the top considerations in room improvement is the flooring that would be used for the room. Often, people consider the usual flooring types such as floor tiles to enhance the look of the room, but another great way of sprucing up a room is by using seamless flooring. Seamless polished concrete is very good to use to deliver flawless looking floors that are ideal for use in different rooms in the house as well as in commercial and industrial spaces.

Polished concrete Brisbane is one inexpensive way to completely enhance the appearance of boring concrete floors. Topping the list of the applications of seamless flooring are garages, rumpus rooms and kitchens. Seamless floors give a spotless, clean look to any room, making it an excellent way to get a new style to the interiors. One major advantage of seamless flooring over floor tiles is the ease in maintenance. Polished concrete floors require minimal mopping and sweeping to keep them looking clean and glossy all year round. Garages or kitchens are sure to not only look better, but will be remarkably clean despite the heavy usage in those areas.

The durability of concrete floors is another benefit that homeowners would love about them. Seamless floorings are also available in various designs, colours and styles that will suit the taste of the homeowners. Although they are more frequently used in home garages, seamless floors are also practical to use in other parts of the house, such as for patios and entertainment areas. Seamless concrete floors are a good way to do a facelift to old looking concrete floors or worn out tiled floors. Seamless floors are also significantly less expensive than floor tiles and take less time to implement.

In commercial and industrial spaces, polished concrete is ideal to use for showrooms, factories and food preparation areas. Seamless floors are very practical to use in rooms that typically get dirt easily since they are highly resistant to stains caused by oil, grease, chemicals and solvents. A prime example of industrial application of Brisbane seamless flooring is for storage of heavy machines such as forklifts and semi-trailers. Unlike regular concrete floors, seamless floors will keep the commercial or industrial interiors free from massive dust accumulation with light mopping or sweeping.

Seamless floors offer a different look that makes interiors in both domestic and commercial buildings more appealing than ordinary concrete and maybe even floor tiles. Polished concrete flooring are also very practical to use because of the many advantages they have over other flooring types.

Flawlessly Polished Concrete Services from Flawless Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - March 27th, 2012, 0:53, Category: General

Seamless flooring gaining leverage in many applications

Flawless Flooring is changing the way floorings look with its polished concrete Brisbane services. Polished concrete is becoming a good choice for homes and commercial spaces looking to spruce up ordinary concrete floors. Seamless polished concrete finish gives a new look to old concrete floors in a way better than tiled floorings.

Flawless Flooring is experiencing good response from customers for its polished concrete offering due to the product's many benefits. “Polished concrete is one of our most popular products because of it's low maintenance and easy to clean surface,” said the company.

Polished concrete suits different applications such as home and commercial garages, walkways and driveways, office and school floors, and patios. Flawless Flooring is also finding good uses for polished concrete product in showrooms and retail stores.

With over 30 years of specialisation in seamless flooring, Flawless Flooring has managed to satisfy the different and unique requirements of every customer. “We can either enhance the old-style appearance you're used to or give your new concrete a touch of class or enhanced appearance depending on your preference of colour and style of polished concrete,” according to the company.

Flawless Flooring's polished concrete provides a glossy finish that will surely enhance the look of every floor area. The company enthused, “no matter what your concrete requirements are we can add value, style and look to any surface no matter how big or small.”

Flawless Flooring's polished concrete floor product boasts durability and decorative seamless surfaces made mainly from epoxy and polyurethane materials. Unlike tiled floors, seamless floors are easy to clean and versatile in terms of usage. Seamless polished concrete flooring means that there is no need for grouts and joints commonly used in tiles that can be difficult to clean when they get stained.

Flawless Flooring's polished concrete floors are also built to not only be decorative but hygienic and allergy free as well, making them ideal for use in homes with children. Using epoxy coatings, concrete floors are resistant to stains caused by chemical spillage, and even oil or grease from vehicles in parking surfaces. This makes polished concrete ideal for use in garages, where the company sees much demand and potential. Polished concrete flooring is easy to clean with light mopping or sweeping.

Polished concrete floors come in different colours and types to suit the different decorative and functional requirements of domestic or commercial customers. Flawless Flooring can customise concrete floor specifications. For uses that need non-slip qualities, the company can incorporate additives to turn the coating into a non-slip material.

Flawless Flooring receives positive reviews from satisfied customers who have become loyal to the company's products and services. “I have no hesitation recommending Pat Kelly and his excellent work. He is always on time and always reliable,” said Lisa Downey of RealWay Property Consultants., one of the company's many clients.

Polished Concrete Brisbane is an effective way to remedy concrete cracks and peeling of concrete paint. Flawless Flooring's durable seamless floor finish helps prevent constant dirt accumulation that typically happens in ordinary concrete floors or tiled floors.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - February 12th, 2012, 22:21, Category: General

Primarily used in schools, warehouses, large retail stores and industrial buildings, polished concrete floors are also making their way in commercial office buildings as well as homes. Polishing the concrete improves its density; thus, it reduces its porosity. Any chemical spills can be more easily cleaned before making the floor stained or damaged. The better it is polished, the easier it becomes to clean. There are many other health, hygiene, environmental and economical reasons why polished concrete floor is ideal for various floors. Besides this, polished concrete floors are also available in a range of interesting designs to choose from.

Polished concrete Brisbane floors have the following benefits:

Non-combustible surface.
Polished concrete floors are completely resistant to fire. There is also no danger to spreading of fire on these floors, unlike other flooring options, such as carpets.

Enhanced reflectivity.
There will be a reduced need for ambient lighting as the reflectivity of the surface of a floor increases when it is polished. This makes the room brighter resulting in lower energy bills. There can be a significant amount of savings made on electricity bills – up to 30%!

When the floor is polished and increased in density, it makes it harder and more durable. The abrasion resistance and impact strength is improved and there is complete protection from UV light. There is usually a ten-year warranty for polished concrete floors; however, the expected life can be even longer. Thermal conductivity of the floor is also improved.

Low maintenance.
This is one of the most attractive features of polished concrete floors. Since the floor becomes hard and durable, it can withstand spills, heavy weights and other damaging factors. There is, therefore, very little maintenance required for these floors.

Restoration of old floors.
With the help of concrete polishing and densification, older floor slabs can be made to look like new.

Health benefits.
Polished concrete floors result in lessening the status of bacteria and allergen levels, making the place healthier for residents.

Aesthetically appealing.
There are many options available for polished concrete floors. You can choose from a wide range of designs and styles to make them look attractive.

To find the best services of polished concrete Ipswich floor, check out various options available on the internet. When choosing the right company, make sure they are licensed and qualified. Having years of experience in the industry is also an important factor that needs to be considered.

In order to make your home or workplace look great, many things are to be looked at – floors, furniture, decorations and more. Concrete floors are preferred by many due to the various benefits they provide, such as long-lasting performance and easier maintenance.

Benefits of Installing an Industrial Epoxy Floor

By flooringbrisbane - January 23rd, 2012, 19:02, Category: General

If you are looking for the kind of floor that is smooth, seamless and resilient then you should invest in industrial epoxy floor. These floors are comfortable to walk on and have many advantages over the other types of floors. To begin with, they are very strong and durable. Unlike the concrete floors that tend to chip or crack easily, the resin in epoxy floor coatings absorbs any forces, like those of heavy falling objects, leaving the floor undamaged in most cases.

Epoxy floors are ideal for industrial settings since any liquid spills on the floor will not make it slippery. The floors come with an anti-slip floor coating that helps to prevent any accidents that may result from wet and slippery floors. If you want the best industrial flooring Ipswich then you should go for epoxy floors. The epoxy coating protects your floor against atmospheric pollution, corrosion and chemical exposure. This is very important in industrial settings where there are many chemical spillages that can harm the floor.

The industrial epoxy floors are made to withstand the toughest environmental conditions in any industrial set up. Another welcome advantage of having this type of flooring is that they don’t stain easily and are very easy to clean. Even the toughest stains will be removed easily unlike the other types of flooring that can be very hard to clean stains from. The floors can be cleaned and polished to a smooth, shiny finish that makes them look elegant.

The epoxy floors are very durable and can last for more than three decades. This makes them very cost-effective in the long run. Even in the rare cases that a section of the epoxy floor gets damaged, it can easily be repaired with epoxy resin to leave a seamless surface with no visible signs of previous damage. If you want to install epoxy flooring Ipswich, you should find the right company to handle the project for you. Look for a reputable company with an excellent record of providing industrial epoxy floors and other flooring solutions.

Industrial epoxy floors can be made in many different colours and designs, and this property is also being exploited in several ways. In an industrial set up like a factory, the floors can be divided into different coloured zones to warn people about any possible danger. Companies can also have their brands and logos on their epoxy floors where clients and other people can see them. All the above reasons make the industrial epoxy floor to be ideal for any industrial setting.

Seamless Decorative Flooring at Your Feet

By flooringbrisbane - January 1st, 2012, 17:05, Category: General

Concrete floors are generally found in plain colours. These are often used in places that are constantly subjected to heavy use and might require frequent restoration or repairs. Many contractors make use of dyes to create various designs in concrete floors in order to make them appear more attractive. This might give a seamless floor, but is not a practical solution as it requires a completely dust-free working environment. Epoxy floors are great for enhancing the look of concrete floors as these are available in a wide range of colour finishes and polish.

Polished concrete flooring is highly durable and enables concrete floors to retain their seamless beauty without the need for maintenance or repairs for longer time durations. To get the polished concrete Brisbane look, flooring contractors begin the work by grinding the concrete surface with triple head diamond grinder that make the surface more even and smooth. In order to complete the final coating, several layers of polyurethane clear are applied. This combination leads to a beautiful, polished concrete floor.

Seamless concrete floors are ideal for industrial flooring as well as any commercial business. These are also highly applicable in certain areas of the home, such as the garage. These places need to have floors that are durable, non-slippery and non-porous in nature. Another important aspect of epoxy floors is that these are hygienic. Seamless concrete floors are highly resistant to bacteria, mould, and mildew. Cleaning these floors is fast and easy, thus, reducing the maintenance costs.

Seamless epoxy floors are highly resistant to abrasion. These do not wear out easily and have high adhesion. Chemical spills or placement of heavy equipment does not have any great effect on the performance of seamless concrete floors. These are continuous floors and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You will not require seals and there will be no need to worry about appearing of cracks.

Being practical and functional does not mean these seamless floors cannot be decorative. There are several attractive designs created using a variety of color choices available. You can check with your local seamless flooring Brisbane contractor to find out more about the styles available and the costs.

Seamless epoxy floors have everything! They are smooth and have superb physical and chemical properties. Besides this, these also offer high aesthetic and decorative details.

Polished Concrete Great for Entertaining

By flooringbrisbane - December 18th, 2011, 18:14, Category: General

Why should you choose polished concrete for your floor? According to specialists, there are multiple reasons for this. Polished concrete provides easier maintenance, looks more appealing, improves light reflectivity, increases concrete strength, and is also friendly to the environment. Concrete floors are widely used in industries, however, due to the many benefits they provide, these are also popularly used in a number of places in homes, such as garages. Concrete floors are available in a range of designs and colours to make them look more attractive. For enhanced attractiveness, having a polished concrete floor is a great option.

One of the main reasons for installing polished concrete is less maintenance cost. For areas that are more frequently used, these hold up better and last longer. Polished concrete floors are easy to clean. All you need is occasional damp mopping. Polished concrete Brisbane floors are able to resist scuff and tire marks. There is also no need for messy waxes, so you can save a lot of time, effort and money associated with cleaning floors.

Even though it is established that polished concrete floors are viable, economical and long-lasting, the next thing is to find out whether or not these are aesthetically appealing. Polished concrete makes the floors look shiny, beautiful and striking. Simply by having the floor polished, you can make it look more elegant and expensive. For any entertainment activities, polished concrete provides a sound and attractive base. As it is able to withstand heavy loads and spills, it is a great option in many areas in homes as well as commercial and industrial businesses.

Another benefit of polished concrete Ipswich floors is their high light reflectivity. This is particularly important for office buildings, hotels and other public facilities. High gloss means there will be greater visibility and reduced overhead lights. It is a misconception that polished concrete is not durable because of its smooth sleek surface. The polish for concrete floors contains organic compounds which makes it an eco-friendly surface. The strength of the concrete floors also improves once they are polished. Impact resistance is increased as well. As long as the slab exists, polished concrete floors will also last.

When it comes to floor systems, there is no better option than a polished concrete floor if you are looking for improved strength, longevity, durability, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Low maintenance cost is also one of the most important benefits of installing a polished concrete floor at home or any commercial or industrial area.

Advantages of Having a Commercial Epoxy Floor

By flooringbrisbane - December 4th, 2011, 19:57, Category: General

Epoxy floor coatings are becoming very popular in many commercial, industrial and even residential buildings due to their wide range of excellent qualities. Concrete is widely used to make many floors and it is a very good material in its own right but it is susceptible to certain forms of damage like staining, scuffing and cracking. Epoxy coatings are applied to concrete floors to provide them with the necessary protection while also making them look stylish and easy to clean.

If you want to have the best commercial flooring Ipswich, you should go for epoxy floors. They are very strong and durable. A well installed epoxy floor can last between 15 to 25 years depending on the type of coating used. They are scratch resistant and are very ideal for areas with heavy traffic, e.g., forklifts-semi trailers etc, industrial and commercial buildings. Epoxy floors are also resistant to most chemicals and acids, and cannot be damaged by any chemical cleaning agents. Any accidental spillage of chemicals on the floor will also not have any effects, if cleaned up or hosed out when spillage occurs.

Epoxy floors are waterproof and non porous, and as a result, no mould or bacteria can grow on them. They are also resistant to corrosion and atmospheric contamination. This also makes them easy to clean as the surface remains flawless. In fact one of the biggest advantages of having commercial epoxy floor is that they don’t stain and are very easy to clean. You will be able to have a floor with a beautiful high-gloss finish that can increase light reflectivity by up to 200%.

If you plan to install epoxy flooring Brisbane, you should find a highly reputable company to do the job for you. There are many companies that can do this for you but you have to find the right one so that the installation is done properly. It is only when it is installed well that your epoxy floor will last long and give you all the advantages associated with it. You can ask those who already have epoxy floors to give you a few references to consider.

Epoxy floors are relatively cheap when compared to other types of flooring like carpeting, wood, tile and vinyl. Add to the fact that they last long and require little repair and maintenance, you are sure of getting a high quality floor at a very affordable price. Epoxy floors will give your commercial premises a beautiful and stylish look that adds elegance to the room and it will be very cost effective in the long run.

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